Friday, May 11, 2012

fOr yOu my hEart

yes, this is my sorry...
but i love u more & more...
i do know how to describe it..
hope u understand dear!

yes, this is my fault again,,,
im still contact with my ex-boy...
i know u know everything about me..
and i also story or frank about my history for u...

yes, it my mistake...
i do know how to explain about that..
because this is my fault...
why me do this...
errgghhh,,,so regret!!

yes, it my mistake again..
i love u so much,,,
but, i do know how much u love me..
i understand with your behavior,
but, i also want to know about this...

i feel so stupid now!!
dear, im sorry...

i choose u, i love u
yes, i love u not him but u!
please believe me..

to mr. hairudin
i love u so much & much



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